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Creating a thorough estate plan is one of the best ways to avoid the time and expensive of probate. When the probate process is used, you need someone to administer an estate for you, efficiently and effectively. The Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, L.L.C. can probate your estate in the Denver metro area.

Under Colorado’s Uniform Probate Code, there are informal and formal probate proceedings:

  • The majority of estates are informally probated. An informal probate is done purely administratively. Informal probate is relatively inexpensive compared to formal probate.
  • Formal probate occurs when there is a dispute concerning the will, trust, or if there is no estate plan. Anyone with an interest in the estate may attend a formal probate. These proceedings are typically more expensive and time consuming.

Many attorneys can draft and organize an estate plan, but will not probate the estate. They consider themselves transactional lawyers, and do not have the skills and experience necessary to probate an estate. Attorney Bruce A. Danford will probate your estate properly, if the probate process is necessary. We have handled the following issues in probate:

  • General estate administration
  • Will contests based on fraud or undue influence
  • Competency hearings

If there has been a question concerning financial or physical abuse, we can draft guardianship and conservatorship documents. To protect an elderly and disabled family member, you can petition the court to appoint a guardian and conservator.
Attorney Danford will strive to protect your interests. He has years of experience as a CPA and corporate controller and holds an L.L.M. in taxation with a concentration in estate planning. To learn more about probate law, contact Link to Contact Us an attorney at the Broomfield County Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, L.L.C.

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