What To Expect At Your First Consultation

At The Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, LLC, we understand that you may feel a bit nervous about visiting a law firm for the first time. After all, this is likely the first time you have needed the services of an attorney. Let us set your mind at ease. Following are a few questions and answers about what to expect at your first meeting with us.

Is It Easy To Get To Your Office?

Yes, our Broomfield, Colorado, office is easy to locate and handicapped-accessible. You won’t have to worry about navigating through dense traffic and fighting for a parking spot in Denver or Boulder. Instead, you can park within a few feet of our double doors and walk right in. There is no curb and no stairs to climb, making it perfect for anyone in a wheelchair or with limited mobility.

Will I Feel Comfortable With You?

Yes, we are happy to offer a comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere. Mr. Danford strives to set every client at ease, and you can count on him to explain legal matters in common language that you can actually understand. His goal is to help you, not intimidate you.

“I enjoy helping people. I find that in life, the more I help people, the better things turn out.” — Attorney Bruce Danford

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

For estate planning matters, we will ask you questions about your estate, your assets and your goals in order to accurately estimate how much it will cost. Then, we will quote you a flat rate.

For probate, estate administration, guardianships and related matters, we are often able to quote a price over the phone.

Do You Offer Flexible Scheduling?

We do offer weekend and evening appointments by special request. We also make home and hospital visits on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re ready to get started, simply call The Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, LLC, at 303-410-2900, or use our online form to request a consultation with a lawyer. We look forward to speaking with you.