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Conservatorships aren't permanent in Colorado

A conservator is someone who's appointed to manage an incapacitated person's property and finances. They're generally selected by a Colorado judge for this role after they present evidence that an individual's money is at risk of being wasted or lost. Once instituted, a protected person can request for the conservatorship over them to be terminated only in certain situations.

Why should I meet with a estate planning attorney while pregnant?

There are lots of responsibilities that come with becoming a new parent. Sitting down to plan your estate is one of those. In the days before you welcome your new baby home, you should also make a point of scheduling an appointment with an attorney to discuss estate planning. There are two preliminary details that you may want to discuss with them.

Your responsibilities as a conservator

Being named as a conservator is one of the most important legal jobs you can have in life. You will be responsible for a variety of things for another person. This person will likely have become incapacitated to the point where he or she cannot make decisions or care for themselves. They will be named as a ward of the court and a conservator will be appointed.

How do you find the best guardian?

One of the key steps in planning for your family in the event of your passing is to choose a guardian for your children. This is usually done when they are minors or if they have special needs. Either way, you know that they need additional care. You love them, and you want to make sure their lives go well even when you are not around to help.