Skilled Help With Probate And Estate Administration

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is one of the best ways to avoid the time and expense of probate. When the probate process is necessary, you need someone to administer an estate for you, efficiently and effectively. The Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, LLC, can provide experienced probate and estate administration services across the Denver metro area.

Informal Or Formal Probate

Under Colorado’s Uniform Probate Code, many estates are subject to either informal or formal probate proceedings:

  • The majority of estates are informally probated. An informal probate is done purely administratively. Informal probate is relatively inexpensive compared to formal probate.
  • Formal probate occurs when there is a dispute concerning the will or trust or if there is no will, which is called “intestate.” Anyone with an interest in the estate may attend a formal probate. These proceedings are typically more expensive and time-consuming.

Potential Issues With Probate Administration

You may attempt to probate the estate on your own. This can be a problem, because even with a relatively straightforward estate the process can be complex and must be done correctly to avoid further issues. Our attorney will probate your estate and ensure all of the paperwork is filed properly and on time. We have handled the following issues in probate:

  • General estate administration
  • Will contests based on fraud or undue influence
  • Competency hearings

Depending on the size of the estate and the complexity of the process, probate may take time, and if the estate has income-producing items, like stocks, bank accounts or rental property, it may be necessary to file income tax returns for the estate during probate.

Our lawyer understands the interaction of probate, estate and tax law and works to ensure the process goes efficiently and with the minimum of costs. Our attorney has years of experience as a CPA and corporate controller and holds an LL.M. in taxation with a concentration in estate planning. He has substantial experience with a wide variety of probate estates and can help you with your estate.

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Probate administration can be complex and if you have been appointed the personal representative of an estate it can seem overwhelming, but we can help. To learn more about the probate process, call our Broomfield office at 303-410-2900 or use our online form.