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Sentimental value, estate planning and lasting disputes

When you hear about two heirs who get into a dispute over a will and have a life-long falling out after the fact, you probably assume that it's about money. You wonder why people let financial gain get in the way of their relationships with their siblings.

When is it better to have a trust instead of a will?

If you have finally made the decision to seek advice about making an estate plan, your family will likely thank you for your thoughtfulness. More than half of those in Colorado and across the country put off planning their estates until it is too late, leaving their families with confusion and sometimes resentment.

How do you find the best guardian?

One of the key steps in planning for your family in the event of your passing is to choose a guardian for your children. This is usually done when they are minors or if they have special needs. Either way, you know that they need additional care. You love them, and you want to make sure their lives go well even when you are not around to help.