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Encouraging unity in your family after you die

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Estate Planning |

As with any family in Colorado, your family probably has its fair share of disagreements and conflicting opinions. Because this is perfectly normal, addressing everyone’s concerns as part of your estate planning efforts can help you prevent familial discord after your death.

You can encourage unity and teamwork in your family. Be forthright in discussing the strategy behind your estate plan so everyone knows what to expect and feels prepared to address the changes that your death may bring.

Encouraging a compromise

The most effective method of reaching a win-win agreement is to learn the value of compromise. According to Neptune Society, allow everyone to give input when discussing the details of your estate plan. Involving your family will allow you to see which topics people agree about and which topics may cause a bit more tension.

Encourage your family members to show grace and empathy for each other in reaching a compromise that will work for everyone. Practicing this kind of decision-making while you are still living may encourage your family members to do the same if disagree on something after you die.

Sharing your legacy

Think about which characteristics you want your family to remember you for. Consider your legacy and ways that you can encourage your family members to carry it on. Sharing your legacy and your end-of-life wishes with your family members can encourage unity and respect for one another.

While you cannot prevent all heartache or discord after you die, you can help protect the feelings and concerns of your surviving family members with adequate planning. Take a proactive role in planning for your future and discussing your expectations well in advance of your death. This can provide reassurance and comfort for the people you care about.