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A living will protects your end-of-life wishes

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Colorado residents should take advanced planning seriously. The creation of a comprehensive estate plan affords protections for heirs, successors, and perhaps the most important person: You.

You may believe an estate plan only covers your wishes after you die, but this is untrue. A critical purpose of the plan is to afford protection during your weakest times. If something happens and you cannot speak for yourself, your wishes for your care are tantamount. The team at The Law Firm of Bruce A. Danford, LLC, strives to provide you with critical information on documents essential to preserving your needs and final wishes. A living will is one piece of the estate planning puzzle.

Get your wishes on the record

A living will triggers when your incapacitation seems likely to continue. For example, if there is a problem after surgery and medical professionals intervene to save you, a living will guides them through what course of action to take. You may want doctors to do everything possible to save you, even if your condition may never improve. On the other hand, you may want life-saving measures to cease in the face of your imminent death. A living will makes these desires known and clear.

Take the burden off your family

When a person is near the end of life, the family may gather and try to help each other through it. Without a directive for how you want these final days handled, they may impose their desires on your care. For instance, you may want to die peacefully and without resuscitation, but your spouse wants you on life support. The opposite of this scenario may also occur if you do not express your desires formally.

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