How do you become a guardian of a minor?

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When learning about guardianship, it may appear overwhelming at first. Either as someone seeking to be a responsible guardian or as a parent seeking a guardian to act in their place, you want what is best for your child. 

The process of becoming a legal guardian is not as complicated as it may seem. 

First steps 

The majority of the time, a guardian is not the biological parent of a child. The legal process you go through allows you to make important decisions on behalf of the minor, who is not old enough to legally control some aspects of his or her life. Generally, getting acceptance from the child’s parents for this agreement is the first major task for those interested. 

Starting the process 

Many parents who seek guardianship for their children may look for someone to take care of their children in the case of an emergency or otherwise catastrophic situation. The most common way to ensure this process happens in the event you cannot speak on your own behalf is by writing it into your will. By adding a clause stating you appoint a trusted adult to be a legal guardian, you allow them to make decisions for your child. 

Sometimes the court can appoint more than one guardian to a child. Usually a married couple works the best together in making decisions rather than two adults who are not otherwise involved in each others’ lives. 

Future responsibilities 

Being a legal guardian typically means financially caring for a minor, except in some cases where the biological parents have an obligation to contribute money. By accepting this responsibility, you agree to fulfill all aspects of being a parent, including being in charge of education, housing, and healthcare for your ward.