How do you pick a good executor?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Colorado residents like you must put time into choosing an estate executor. This person will handle your estate affairs after you pass. They will exist as the primary point of contact between your attorney and loved ones.

But how do you know you have picked the right executor? There are some traits that good executors share that you should know about.

Having an organized executor

HuffPost discusses how to choose the right executor for your estate. Many of these traits relate to leadership skills. Is your executor organized? Do they have strong communication skills? It helps to have experience with deescalation, too. After all, you are dealing with emotionally fraught people. Bereaved loved ones may not act as they would under normal circumstances. Your executor should understand this and have the tools necessary to react.

Personal compatibility with your executor

It is important for you to get along with your executor, too. After all, they act as your direct representative. You do not want someone who does not represent your values acting on your behalf. Make sure that you have the same moral principles and core values. You do not have to see eye to eye on everything. But make sure you are on the same page for everything you deem important.

Have you found a person who fulfills these categories? Then you must ensure they have the time necessary to fill the role. Probate sometimes lasts years. Your potential executor should understand this before agreeing. They will dedicate a large portion of time and energy to this task. If they do agree, then you have an executor that fits your needs.